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FAS on airports!

Parking lots at three Moscow airports-Sheremetyevo-2, Domodedovo and Vnukovo-have been accused of inflating fares. The Federal Antimonopoly service opened criminal cases against violators. But it is unlikely to be possible to lower prices because of" holes " in the legislation.

Today, leaving a car in the Parking lot of the capital's airport is not a cheap pleasure. An hour costs about 100-150 rubles. And the same amount is "surcharge", if you spend at least 5 minutes more in the Parking lot-the amount is rounded up to an hour. You can only stay at the airport for 15 minutes for free. Most often this is unrealistic - in" Sheremetyevo "and" Domodedovo " traffic jams stop only at night.

 The Agency concluded that Parking operators " occupy a dominant position in the market for temporary Parking services." Also, the FAS summed Up, it is illegal to "round up" the downtime. Experts from the Antimonopoly Department are sure that there is a technical possibility to calculate fines "step by step", that is, for exceeding the time of 15 minutes. In the meantime, customers pay for unproven services. Within a month, officials will impose sanctions against violators in the form of fines and demand to eliminate the detected violations. But it is already clear in advance that it is unlikely to be possible to recognize the existing tariffs in Moscow airports as too expensive, because the law does not contain the concept of "expensive". This means that if the price of Parking in the capital's airports will decrease, it will be quite insignificant.

For comparison:

Pulkovo Airport, Saint Petersburg:

Hour - 20 rubles, day-200 rubles.


Europe, Germany:

An hour in a paid Parking lot: no more than 2 Euros (about 70 rubles).

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